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And in other PC gaming news...


Today has been a great day for great indie videos. We've seen a Portal version of Minecraft, an Introversion version of Minecraft, guns and dinosaurs in Orion: Prelude , and best of all, a remarkable first look at Hawken . It took nine men nine months to make that ? What will it be like in another nine months?

But what else has been happening in the world of PC gaming? Read on for our everything you need to know about John Carmack's martial art skills, rumours of a new Doom film and a

1000 player FPS.

  • While you're discussing spaceships at this year's Eve Fan Fest in Iceland, buy your uninterested friend, spouse or sibling a Sisters of Eve pass , which gets them a day tour and access to a party.
  • There's a new Shift 2 Unleashed trailer, it's all about corners.
  • Rumour has it there's a 3D Doom film sequel in the works. Here, you might want this .
  • This free Darkness 2 comic might cheer you up.
  • Not working? Well here's a video of John Carmack Judo choking a man twice his size to unconsciousness.
  • The Creative Assembly have released two new Shogun 2 dev diaries .
  • Serious Sam is getting some awesome indie spin off games.
  • A networking company is making a 1000 player FPS to try and break a world record.
  • GamersFirst's Book-Larsson discusses the initial failure of APB in depth, saying that too much bureaucracy got in the way of development.
  • THQ games chief says cutscenes are rubbish .

Phew, there was an exhausting amount of awesome packed into that list of links. Time to kick back, but all of my Steam games have turned into a giant blurry list and I don't know what to play. All I know is that it can't be something that requires effort or concentration. What games do you play to relax?

Based in Bath with the UK team, Tom loves strategy games, action RPGs, hack ‘n slash games, digital card games… basically anything that he can fit on a hard drive. His final boss form is Deckard Cain.