And in other PC gaming news...

Master Jedi Alec Guinness

Can you find the white crystal ? All I know for sure is that it's not inside my top drawer, or my bin, or any of the other five places I've checked. The Star Wars: The Old Republic players are bound to have more luck. I didn't even know I wanted a whitesaber until I saw the picture of its only wielder, Catch, showing it off on his server. Now, like all the best loot, I MUST HAVE IT.

Talking of things I must have, a vial full of a mystical liquid that can explode and freeze objects when thrown. That way I'd be able to hold my own slow motion fight scenes wherever I wanted, just like the assassin from the Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition trailer earlier . To be sure, CGI trailers rarely have much to do with the game they're tied to, but they're a great spectacle nonetheless.

Want some more spectacle? There's a pinch of it in the latest edition of our daily round-up, which includes the first ten minutes of Operation Raccoon City and the rumoured setting for Assassin's Creed 3.

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away, lightsabers only came in three colours. Red was for evil dudes, green and blue were for less evil ones. In hindsight, that was a completely arbitrary division. Games have shown us the way, lightsabers can be any colour they choose to be, but which colour is the best? I'm still partial to red myself.