And in other PC gaming news...

Sometimes a soundtrack can get in your head and stay there forever. The Zelda themetune is one of those soundtracks. The soundtrack to HBO fantasy series A Game of Thrones is another. Battlefield 3's angry machine noise is yet another. Owen has come across a unique way of washing one's brain clean of an invading soundtrack. It's and album called The Disintegration Loops by William Basinski, in which a short loop is repeated for an hour, but changes subtly with each repetition as the track slowly degrades, bludgeoning your brain into a state that couldn't even absorb an Abba riff. Here it is . Happy Monday!

Avant garde ambient music aside, it's been a fun day for news. ITV took an official rebuke to the face for mistakenly including footage of Arma 2 when they meant to include footage of the IRA attacking a helicopter. It was confirmed that Guild Wars 2 will be out this year and we had a chat with Notch about whether Mojang consider themselves indie devs anymore. There was loads more we couldn't cram in, so we've assembled them in a gradually disintegrating list of links below.

The Greatest Video Game Music album , performed by the London Philharmonic Orchestra, can be listened to for free on Spotify . There are some great tracks on there, not least this lovely bit of Mass Effect music . Which pieces of gaming music would you recommend?