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A new Warcraft teaser turns up on the tubes


On the off-chance you're not up to speed on this whole Warcraft thing, these are the basics: You've got humans on one side, and you've got orcs on the other. And they tend not to get along very well, see. But that's more to do with deep-rooted cultural differences, and the sort of misunderstandings that seem to inevitably arise from the fear of the “other,” than because of any inherent evil on either side.

Which isn't to say that there aren't bad actors on both, but in the big picture it's the sort of thing that could probably be worked out without bloodshed if everyone would just step back, take a breath, and try to get a grasp of the other guy's perspective. Which I predict will happen, eventually, but not before a lot of folks get hammered on or cut up in some really uncomfortable ways. I mean, that slide-n-slice at the very end of this new trailer is a smooth move, but oww-oww-owwwww.

Warcraft hits theaters on June 10. For a more detailed look at what may (or may not) be coming, don't miss our analysis of the first Warcraft trailer that debuted last year at BlizzCon.

Andy Chalk
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