Total War: Warhammer is $12 as part of the Humble Monthly bundle

As part of Humble’s monthly game subscription service, Total War: Warhammer is available for a measly $12. And don’t forget that the bundle contains a few other mystery games to be revealed near the end of the month. It’s a gamble, but if you don’t have Total War: Warhammer and were teetering on the edge, it’s a sure thing. Extra sure, considering it’s still $60 on the Steam store right now. If only you could spend the extra $48 on the innate ability to know all rules to all strategy games from now until the end of time.

While each month's mystery crop of games can vary, February's were just revealed and include an impressive selection: XCOM 2, Ryse: Son of Rome, ABZU, SteamWorld Heist, Okhlos Omega, Project Highrise, and Husk. Not bad, though Total War: Warhammer might just be accompanied by six copies of Snow Horse. Also not bad?

You can opt out of the subscription without penalty, so if you just want to pay for a month and then get out, that's an option. Otherwise, you can save up to a buck with a few long term recurring options. Just keep in mind, this deal disappears on March 3. 

In our review, Jody calls it the Total War for people that, “...find real history a bit bland compared to glorious nonsense made up by strange British people.” I'm playing as the Vampire Counts. They're dark and brooding without all the teen angst. Thumbs up.

If you do take the deep, tactical plunge, we can help you and your fantasy men hit the ground running with our guides to modding, classes, and more.

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James Davenport

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