Total War: Three Kingdoms' first expansion takes us to the jungle

The Furious Wild expansion for Three Kingdoms adds four new factions, new jungle zones on the strategic map, more than 25 new units (including beasts!) and new tech trees. It will be available on September 3 for $20/£15.

The DLC focuses on the southern tribes of ancient China. The Han are coming, and you need to unite the factions led by Meng Huo, King Mulu, Lady Zhurong, and King Shamole to stand a chance. Fortunately you have some exciting new weapons at your disposal "from flaming mace and blowpipe units, to revered elephants and tigers."

I'm about to research to what extent tigers have really ever been used in warfare, but if I did that now this news post would never get finished. In addition to the Southern Tribes, a free update will launch alongside the expansion promising quality of life improvements and a "new Han Warlord—Shi Xie, flame-firing Juggernaut artillery, Gate Battles and much more."

Three Kingdoms is probably the most beautiful Total War game yet, PCG pal Fraser and I have been enjoying it since launch. Advanced diplomacy elevates the strategic layer and the battles are great. I'm looking forward to seeing how the new jungle maps play. 

If you want a different flavour of ancient warfare, there's always the recently released Total War Saga: Troy which, according to our review, is rather good too.

Tom Senior

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