Tinker with the spiritual successor to Incredible Machine, now on Steam Early Access

Quick! Get to your basement to hit the big red button that starts the machine that releases that marbles that flip a switch on the marble run to light a rocket that frightens the cat into racing your wheel-powered computer into motion, because Contraption Maker is now on Steam Early Access!

We first reported on Rube Goldberg-esque Contraption Maker, the new game from the design team behind the Incredible Machine series, earlier this year —and while it's still technically not finished, it's ready enough to invite some willing (and paying) beta testers into the boxing glove-filled, conveyor belt-laden maze of your own making. This PC- and Mac-ready alpha build costs a fair $10 on Steam , a discounted pre-release price that will include all future builds, right up until the big version 1.0. (No word from developer Spotkin on how much Contraption Maker will officially cost at launch, though.)

The current build will allow us to mainly twiddle around in the sandboxy action. A puzzle-solving "campaign" of sorts is planned, but don't expect it in this early version—think of this more as an opportunity to test the physics and functionality of the 70 various parts available to you, including objects ranging in ridiculousness from trampolines to cats .