This Resident Evil 3 Remake mod replaces all enemies with dinosaurs

While Capcom has been churning out Resident Evil remakes, its other monster survival series continues to go ignored. Dino Crisis hasn't seen any love from the company since 2003, leaving it up to modders to scratch our dinosaur-sized itch. 

The Resident Evil 2 Remake Dino Crisis mod pack gave us costumes and skins inspired by the series, but sadly no dinosaurs. A mod for its sequel, however, will let you roam Raccoon City while being chased by big, extinct critters.

Dino Evil 3 turns the undead into roving (and roaring) dinosaurs. You've gone too far, Umbrella Corp. Right now, it looks like there's just one kind of dino, which looks like a miniature tyrannosaurus, but this is just version 0.1. 

As well as decking the zombies out with convincing dino costumes, the mod also changes their animations; as a result, some of the monsters might get stuck in rooms. These critters weren't built for navigating urban environments. Not like raptors, who are small and fast and would probably love living in a city. 

You can download it now. 

Cheers, DSOG.

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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