This nightmarish Doom mod turns every enemy into Crash Bandicoot memes

If you're active on 4Chan or Reddit, chances are you've encountered the horror that is the Crash Bandicoot 'whoa' meme—and you're probably sick of it. Well, finally there's a way to fight back against the internet's terrible obsession with running memes into the ground with this Doom mod that transforms every enemy into a whoa-ing Crash Bandicoot for you to murder.

Created by 'Jaxxoon R' on DoomWorld, 'Whoa! Crash Bandicoot Doom' is perfect if your ideal evening would be spent assaulting your eardrums with hundreds of whoas as hundreds of Bandicoots chase after you in that same weird, limb contorting way.

This video by YouTuber 'ICARUSLIV3S' shows the mod in action and it's actually pretty unsettling. The Crash Bandicoots leap at the player with surprising agility, and of course the constant barrage of whoas is grating in its own kind of horrific way.

If this is the first time you've ever seen this Crash Bandicoot meme, well, I'm very sorry. According to Know Your Meme, it all started back in 2016 as an in-joke among fans of Oney, a popular YouTuber who had been revisiting the old Crash games. Oney had a habit of saying woah a lot, and the joke caught on and evolved once 4Chan got involved. That eventually inspired Joseph J. Kuhr on YouTube to make this video and then release a green-screened version shortly after so people could make their own whoa videos. A couple of weeks ago that meme exploded on popular subreddits like YouTubeHaiku and the internet has never been the same.

Why do I even know this?

Anyway, if you want to play Jaxxoon's mod, head over to DoomWorld. You can buy the original Doom on Steam but please don't buy it just for this.

Thanks, PCGamesN.

Steven Messner

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