This mod fixes a host of minor bugs and irritations in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

An asteroid belt in the Athens system
(Image credit: EA)

Maybe you didn't notice that, in the remastered version of Mass Effect 1, points of interest on the galaxy map—random hidden asteroids worth resources if you found and scanned them—didn't twinkle to let you know they were there like they had in the original version. Instead, completionists had to mouse over every single asteroid belt just in case. At least, until now.

Restored twinkling is just one of the fixes in LE1 Community Patch, along with "Corporal Toombs no longer thinks the player was always on Akuze if you persuade him" and "A camera angle in the Krogan Battlemaster conversation no longer points directly at a crate". Also, if you ever noticed medigel being randomly applied mid-combat, it turns out that was happening because the heal button could still be activated if you clicked on that part of the screen even when the command HUD was hidden. That's fixed by this mod too.

You can see the full list of fixes on the NexusMods page. They're all for the Legendary version of Mass Effect 1, so while there is a patch here for the issue where a flag wasn't set in your save file to ensure it would remember how you dealt with Shepard superfan Conrad Verner, we'll have to wait for a similar patch for Mass Effect 2 to actually do anything with it. In the meantime, there's a mod to let you manually set the flag called Conrad Verner Remembers.

Note that, like pretty much all Mass Effect mods, you can only install it mid-playthrough if you're not using a texture mod like ALOT. Given how many files texture mods alter, once you install one you'll be stuck with your current mod loadout for the rest of that playthrough.

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