This Mario 64 romhack took over 2 years to make and turns it into an entirely new game

It's almost unbelievable that modder Kaze Emanuar has spent 4,000 hours writing 100,000 lines of Assembly code to bring his vision of the perfect Mario game to life. Romhacks of this nature often reconfigure already existing levels to add more challenge, but Super Mario 64: Last Impact is so much more—it's an entirely new game, complete with its own story, inside of Super Mario 64.

If you watch the trailer above, you'll see little that reminds you of the original Mario 64. Instead, Last Impact is herculean effort to design an entirely new game with its own 130 stars to collect, 25 new levels, bosses, and power ups. There's Mario Sunshine's F.L.U.D.D. water cannon, but Kaze also added his own original ideas too. The Cloud Flower let's Mario make cloud platforms to walk on to help traverse big gaps, while the Bee Mushroom gives him wings.

The level design looks equally impressive, with areas themed after circuit boards, casinos, and Rainbow Road. Hell, you even go to the moon.

If you want to learn more about what Super Mario 64: Last Impact is all about, check out the wiki page which breaks down more of its features.

Steven Messner

With over 7 years of experience with in-depth feature reporting, Steven's mission is to chronicle the fascinating ways that games intersect our lives. Whether it's colossal in-game wars in an MMO, or long-haul truckers who turn to games to protect them from the loneliness of the open road, Steven tries to unearth PC gaming's greatest untold stories. His love of PC gaming started extremely early. Without money to spend, he spent an entire day watching the progress bar on a 25mb download of the Heroes of Might and Magic 2 demo that he then played for at least a hundred hours. It was a good demo.