This gaming chair is the only ‘Mercedes’ I can afford, but it’s still not cheap

(Image credit: Noblechairs)

Depending on the model, an honest-to-goodness Mercedes could set you back well over a hundred grand—a brand new Mercedes-Mayback starts at $170,750, for example. Noblechairs has a much more affordable proposition. It's new and officially licensed Epic Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport luxury gaming chair is 'only' $449.

Noblechairs says it built its newest model for Formula 1 enthusiasts. It's essentially a themed version of its Epic chair, which itself is supposed to conform to and protect the natural shape of your back. I've never sat in one so I can't attest to the claim.

It looks like a cross between the Secretlab Omega and Vertagear SL5000, which happen to be two of the best gaming chairs. It's built from "hand-picked" PU leather and sports an adjustable backrest (90 to 135 degrees), 4D armrests, an adjustable seat height, and a five-point aluminum base with 60mm casters. Oddly enough, Noblechairs offers its Epic model in real and nappa leather, but neither are an option with the Mercedes trim.

(Image credit: Noblechairs)

The weight limit is listed at 120kg (around 264 pounds). Including the base, the overall height of the chair checks in at 149.9cm (59 inches, or just under 5 feet). That's a few inches taller than the Vertagear SL5000, but that chair has a higher max load at 150kg (around 330 pounds).

Noblechairs' latest model arrives hot on the heels of F1 2019, the latest licensed F1 racer from Codemasters. The chair is available now direct from Noblechairs.

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