This Dying Light 2 mod fixes the awkward physics and death animations

Dying Light 2 pack of zombies
(Image credit: Techland)

The much-delayed Dying Light 2 launched a week ago, and considering how the game seemingly went through development hell and back again, it's turned out pretty well. But a game of this complexity and scale is always going to have some technical quirks. In the case of Dying Light 2, those are some rather shonky physics and animations which may involve, among other things, a decapitated soldier begging for their life.

The game also lacks some of the weighty physics swagger of the original game, as Redditor CorrectInfoBelow pointed out, such as zombies collapsing when you kneecap them, mindlessly flipping over waist-high barriers and generally fumbling around in a dynamic rather than pre-animated way.

Well, there is now a mod to fix those physics woes, courtesy of TheOneAndOnlyHitman. In the clearly worded and well presented video demonstrating the mod, we can see that various improvements to the physics system, such as zombies falling down when knocked into each other, collapsing into ragdolls when you smash their legs out from under them, and flying off with flaily abandon when gas tanks explode next to them.

In the first version of the mod, players reported that it was breaking the drop-kick move, but it's received a couple of updates since then so hopefully that's now fixed. With that said, don't be surprised if zombies don't quite 'sell' those drop kicks like you envision.

There's actually another physics mod for Dying Light 2 which apparently doesn't break the drop kicks, but the accompanying video for that is without commentary so some of the finer changes are harder to discern.

With that said, this glorious uppercut to send a zombie spinning through the air suggests to me that this mod is in good working order too.

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