There are still undiscovered Stardew Valley secrets, creator believes

Stardew Valley 1.3 update
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There are lots of cheeky little secrets that developer Eric Barone has put into Stardew Valley. There are little hidden animations on the title screen, spotting Santa and his reindeer in the shipment menu on December 25, and a whole affair with the Mayor's lucky purple shorts. 

But out of the handful of secrets that dedicated players have found, Barone says that there are more, well, he thinks so anyway. If you thought you had found all of Stardew Valley's secrets, its time to boot up your farm again.

In reply to a tweet asking if there were more undiscovered secrets in Stardew Valley, Barone replied saying "I think this is currently true, yea." With a game like Stardew Valley, there are plenty of opportunities to slip in a secret or two (or ten) and then forget exactly how many you added in the first place.

Out of the many secrets that Barone has placed within the game, it's not hard to believe that there could be more given the complex nature of some of them. For example, to obtain the legendary Galaxy Sword, you right have to collect all four dwarf scrolls, translate them, figure out the riddle, go to the desert, equip the Prismatic Shard, and then stand in the middle of four pillars until the sword is in your hands. Other secrets are painfully obscure, like if you shake a particular bush in the northwest of Pelican Town at exactly 12:00 PM you'll receive a Junimo Plush. 

Barone released a massive 1.4 update to Stardew Valley in November and could have slipped in a few secrets for unsuspecting players to find. If not there then there's also another update free content update in the works. 

In more Stardew Valley news, Barone also announced that he was working on two new projects, a non-farming one set in the Stardew game world and the second one. He then had to politely ask everyone to please calm down when the comments went into an excited frenzy. 

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