There are of course nude Sephiroth mods for Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Shirtless Sephiroth mod
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Final Fantasy 7 Remake is a great game given a mediocre PC port, but even though there aren't many graphics options and you'll need a controller to play the darts minigame if not the entire game, playing on PC has one undeniable advantage: mods. There are just under 1,000 mods for Final Fantasy 7 Remake on NexusMods and while the 4K hi-poly nude Tifa mod has been downloaded 78,400 times already because of course it has, let this serve as your PSA that Final Fantasy modders remain horny for Sephiroth as well.

FF7's beloved bishi and classic example of the "silver hair means you're evil" anime cliché, Sephiroth has been remade by Remake's modders several times. There's the tasteful Shirtless Sephiroth by gatto tom, and Sexy Sephiroth by luxos, who wears an armored jockstrap. If you want to see the full monty, luxos is also responsible for the Nude Sephiroth mod, which offers different files so you can choose combinations of its four penis sizes and two hairstyles. ("I'll have 1 Nude Sephiroth - Big Penis Rufus Hair, please."

As with similar mods these come in the form of .pak files, which you'll need to create a ~mods folder for. Put that folder in your FFVIIRemakeIntergrade\End\Content\Paks directory, then pop whichever .pak files you've chosen in it. 

Fans of Metal Gear Solid 5 might be interested to know there are .pak files to replace Cloud with Big Boss and replace Tifa with Quiet. Other popular mods for FF7R let you unlock console commands, buff the star bracelet, rebalance equipment stats and get more materia slots, and disable dynamic resolution. There's a Nude Cloud mod too if you don't want Sephiroth to seem underdressed for all their scenes together.

The second part of what's now confirmed to be a trilogy, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is scheduled for release in late 2023 or early 2024. It's due "next winter," Square Enix has said, following the remake of PSP spin-off Crisis Core coming "this winter". 

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