The Witcher season 2 script page hints at a beastly short story retelling

The Witcher
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One of the "gifts" offered to Witcher fans in Netflix's recent Six Days of Witchmas was a look at a page from a season two script. Followers of The Witcher account opted for the Law of Surprise instead, which got them a sexy Jaskier photo gallery, but yesterday Netflix came across with the goods anyway on its primary Twitter account, offering the briefest tease of what's to come in one of the new episodes.

And here it is!

The Witcher on Netflix is based primarily on Andrzej Sapkowski's books rather than CD Projekt's videogames, so for those of us more familiar with the latter than the former, this brief glance at a grisly midnight murder in an abandoned village isn't especially informative. 

Luckily, fans of the written works are doing the heavy lifting for us, speculating that the page could point to an episode based on the short story A Grain of Truth. The tale begins with Geralt's discovery of the dead bodies of a merchant and his wife, which leads him to a run-down manor occupied by an apparent monster named Nivellen.

Solidifying the speculation is the fact that Nivellen has already been confirmed for the show's second season: Netflix announced earlier this year that the role will be played by Norwegian actor Kristofer Hivju, best known to non-Norwegians as Tormund Giantsbane from Game of Thrones.

Furthermore, according to Wikipedia, A Grain of Truth is also one of just two short stories from The Last Wish that haven't yet been adapted for the show, the other being The Voice of Reason, which The Witcher Wiki describes as "the framing story" that ties all the others together, and is thus divided into seven parts spread throughout the book.

There will likely be more Witcher goodies turning up soon: Netflix said it will share "a few of the unclaimed gifts" from the Six Days of Witchmas over the next few days. If you've missed any that have been claimed, you can catch up on all of them at

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