The Witcher 3 Devil's Pit mod adds new playable area, 4 NPCs, 20 items

It might be over two years old, but CD Projekt Red's The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is still being supported with official adult colouring books and unofficial but equally neat player-made modifications. A great example of the latter is SkacikPL's Devil's Pit mod which comes packing a new playable area, 20 new items, a host of new NPCs, and a number of bombs and potions among other things.

A full rundown of the mod's additions can be found on its Nexus Mods page, however know that the likes of Alkaline Bombs, Fungi Bombs, Grappling Bolts, Shaving Kits, a Plaguebearer sword, and Spring Traps make up but some of its inventory.  

The mod's creator describes all of that thusly: "[The] Devil's Pit Mod offers you a chance to visit unused area of caverns located at the Devil's Pit quarry along with numerous enhancements to the area and additional content that can be enjoyed within the base game."

Speaking of Witcher 3 mods, I fancy the look of stefan3372's Primal Needs mod that Chris covered a couple of weeks back. And of course of extensive list of The best Witcher 3 mods is always worth a rummage. 

Thanks, Wccftech