The whole Super Mario Bros. Movie was uploaded to Twitter

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The Super Mario Bros. Movie, which is the highest-grossing videogame movie ever in case you forgot, was uploaded to Twitter by an account with a Blue subscription. According to Forbes, more than nine million people got to watch Mario and Luigi save their plumbing business from being demolished to make way for a mall, or whatever happens in the movie, before it was taken down. (I haven't watched it.)

The account responsible was @vidsthatgohard, which had 1.1 million followers and a blue checkmark, explaining why they were able to upload so much video. While us regular plebs are limited to footage no longer than two minutes and 20 seconds, anyone who pays for Twitter Blue can upload videos up to an hour long and 2GB big, which is why The Super Mario Bros. Movie was uploaded as two files.

After more than seven hours of racking up views the @vidsthatgohard account was suspended. It's already become a meme, with the text accompanying the original tweet, "Fuck it, the whole super Mario bros movie", now being repurposed all kinds of viral nonsense. For instance, here's @EverythingOOC with Fuck it, the entire new Super Mario Bros movie in 25 seconds.

Now the movie's been taken down, everyone else will have to watch it in theaters if we want to find out whether The Super Mario Bros. Movie does, indeed, go hard. Personally, I doubt it's possible for a mere movie to go as hard as such classic PC games as Mario is Missing and Punch Ball Mario Bros

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