The week in PC gaming video

At PC Gamer, we love StarCraft. A lot. When we're not playing StarCraft, we're probably thinking about it, or watching it online. We love Day9's daily updates. Here, Day9's normally cheeky little face is removed from sight with the death of his webcam, and thus our hero must resort to other options. Naturally, many comic moment ensue.

It's baane a week of reveals. Just look at the reveal trailer for Dead Island . Hauntingly bleak eh? The slow melody that plays over the top of this CGI flick emphasises the tragedy of the events. A fresh and appealing view of the zombie genre after Left4Dead and Dead Rising's more 'kick-ass' approach? Expect a preview soon.

Talking about the kick-ass approach, things couldn't be less than in Crysis 2's new campaign trailer . Here we get our first proper look at the story behind the NYC invasion, with scenes evoking some of the most iconic science-fiction. The scale of destruction and devastation look tremendous, even if the plot lines of infectious plagues and alien invasions have become overly familiar.

Also looking familiar but thankfully so is the trailer for America McGee's Alice: Madness Returns . Looking more Tim Burton-like than Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, it's arrival is long overdue.

Linking in with the twisted madness of Alice is the latest snippet of gameplay from FEAR 3 , showing of the psychic capabilities of new playable character Fettel. Watch how he reduces no fewer than four helpless grunts into a shower of red mist with just the power of grey matter.

Almost as effective in a firefight as Fettel is freddiew, probably one of the most accomplished action directors on YouTube. Take a look at Aimbot for a quick lesson in why cheating is the first step to losing popularity.

One of the most exciting reveals this week though has without a doubt been that this summer a Dragon Age web series - Redemption - will be hitting our monitors in the summer. Excitement is increased by the fact the series is led by Felicia Day. Wearing elf ears. If this isn't a FTW move, we don't know what is. American talk show host Jimmy Fallon interviewed Felicia on his Wednesday night show, where the very first trailer of Dragon Age: Redemption was shown. Check it out in all it's glory below.

Naturally, everything here was overshadowed with Valve's delightful Aperture Laboratories Romance Safety Compliance Guide , which not only offered helpful advice and alerted us to the fact Portal 2 was available to pre-order, but on that most joyous/depressing day of February 14, we were all reminded that Valve really does love us all very, very much.