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The Swapper - a clever claymation puzzle-platformer - coming to Steam this Spring

You're going to want to keep an eye on The Swapper , a sidescrolling platform/puzzle game with a staggering art style and a killer central mechanic. You play an astronaut - or more accurately, astro nauts , because you soon gain the power to make clones of yourself and, as the title suggests, swap between them. If that wasn't novel enough, the game's characters and sets are made of handmade materials such as tin cans and clay - this is the Aardman hard sci-fi I never knew I needed until now. Have a watch of the following, new trailer for proof, but be sure to turn the quality up so you can make out every last blemish and fingerprint.

The Swapper's come a long way since it first came to light in 2009, in part due to backing from The Indie Fund . Developers Facepalm Games announced yesterday that it would be heading to Steam this Spring, which - wait, has anyone checked with the Groundhog whether it's Spring yet?

...Groundhog says no. Bill Murray won't be pleased.

Thanks to Kotaku .