The son of Playboy's founder started an OnlyFans to afford rare Pokémon cards, and I'm a little jealous it's worked out so well

An image of a Ho-Oh from the Pokemon anime, flying majestically through the air
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Marston Hefner, son of the late Hugh Hefner, founder of Playboy magazine, has started an OnlyFans to bankroll some big-budget Pokémon purchases, as revealed in a celebrity exclusive with PageSix. I feel the need to give huge props for his dedication to the collector grind here. After all, if I could fund those ever-pricier PC components by showing a little skin, I might genuinely consider it. His dive into the saucier side of the internet, however, seems to come from a place of genuine comfort with his body.

"I believe that there's nothing wrong with nudity or sexuality," he says, adding that he grew up in an environment where "nudity was a common thing." His OnlyFans is also an effort to stay frugal and "get some income" for his hobbies, which I think is a fair enough trade if he's happy to bare all.

Kotaku has followed up with Marston in a phone interview, which dives into one of the inspirations for his current moonlighting: "I remember as a kid just wanting to meet Ho-Oh, and I think it’s a gorgeous, underrated Pokémon. Maybe I like Ho-Oh because it’s the black sheep legendary that people count out." It's a wholesome origin story for a far sexier side-gig.

In the same interview, he also mentions that he's found a strong community among his peers on the platform: "The people I’ve met are fascinating and they’re really fucking nice. Every single one," Marston said.

While an increased feeling of body positivity and a few new friends are some hefty benefits to making some extra cash, Marston's wife isn't entirely pleased with this new dimension to his career. Though he does clarify in his initial PageSix interview: "what’s more important to her is me pursuing my dreams or my interests".

In case you're interested in what's on offer—or just want to help a fellow hobbyist get his favourite card—you can visit Marston Hefner's OnlyFans yourself. You have a taste of his less risqué content for free, but you'll need to pull out your wallet for anything more explicit. After all, with prices for rare cards that can hit over $300,000, catching them all doesn't come cheap.

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