The sinisterly cute Ittle Dew is out today on Steam

Yes, I know Ittle Dew 's name may sound like something you'd mumble into a fluffy cat's belly fur, but the Zelda-inspired puzzle-adventure is a little surlier than that. Ittle Dew—in which, as Tom noted, you get to play as a complete jerk —has been released on multiple channels, opening up the smacking of innocent RPG-dwelling crystals to PC gamers everywhere.

Though the Mac version was released earlier this month, Ittle Dew yesterday made its way to Steam , where it's selling at $14. If you had previously purchased it via the website , you should be getting your Steam key soon, if it hasn't landed in your account already.

And surprise: on Facebook , it's been revealed that the developer is thinking about adding Workshop support! No word on what exactly that will be yet, but the conservative guess is player-made custom maps (the more exciting option has me imagining the addition of several new ways in which to be an ass and make inhabitants cry as I blunder about the island). And personally, I can't wait to meet that perpetually unimpressed flying fox, who I'm fairly certain is my spirit animal. Grump.