The official Mass Effect Deck is coming to Cards Against Humanity

"Nothing is sacred," BioWare said on Twitter earlier today, and in that spirit it has teamed up with Cards Against Humanity to announce the official Mass Effect Pack, a collection of 14 brand-new cards based on the "valuable intellectual property" known as Mass Effect. 

"We thought if we wrote a pack with BioWare, they would let us play the new Mass Effect game early," the CAH team wrote. "That did not happen, but here we are anyway." 

The pack costs $1, plus shipping if you live outside of the US ($2 to Canada), and it's pretty hard to go wrong at that price. Do note, however, that while the announcement states that 14 cards are in the pack, it also notes that "missing cards to be sold later as DLC." Probably nothing to worry about. 

The Cards Against Humanity Twitter feed provides a tiny glimpse of what this remarkable example of brand synergy has in store, including "Space racism" and "Totally fuckable aliens." That also happens to be the URL of the Cards Against Humanity Mass Effect Pack website (seriously, which is adorned with an image of Shepard and Garrus sucking face, Thane chucking his cookies against a wall, and Jimmy Vega passed out and drooling on himself under a coffee table: A slightly different take on the Mass Effect 3: Citadel DLC, you might say.

The FAQ states that you probably shouldn't order the pack if you haven't played Mass Effect, it's not a limited edition (but it will only be on sale until stock runs out), and if you want to complain about the ending of Mass Effect 3 you can drop them a line at

Nothing sacred, indeed. 

Andy Chalk

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