The next Call of Duty could be set in space

CoD Ghosts space

War never changes, they say, unless of course you move the battlefield 100 kilometers above sea level. If the latest rumours surrounding the next Call of Duty instalment are to be believed, space marks the latest frontier upon which the shooty-bang simulator will be deployed.

Industry source Shinobi first made the claim via NeoGaf over the weekend, suggesting developers Infinity Ward are looking at space combat in a "full on sci-fi" setting in the "very far future". While previous CoD series entries have explored futuristic themes in the past - Black Ops 3 and Advanced Warfare, especially - this step would see the franchise (boldly) go in a whole new direction. EA's Battlefield 5 is also expected to release later this year and is rumoured to be set during the first World War, making this news, if true, all the more interesting.

Earlier this month, publisher Activision announced that it won't have an area on this year's E3 show floor, however will be showcasing the next CoD via Sony's PlayStation booth. Best watch this space until then.

Thanks, Eurogamer.