The makers of Police Quest aim to resurrect the police procedural adventure with Precinct

Of all of the classic game genres to be resurrected by the crowdsourcing renaissance, I'm most excited about the return of adventure games . In that vein, a new Kickstarter , by veterans of Sierra On-Line's classic Police Quest , is trying to bring back the police procedural adventure.

Precinct is being built by Jim Walls, the creator of the original Police Quest from 1987, and Robert Lindsley, a programmer for Sierra in the early 90s. The game will feature 3D environments and gameplay while preserving the branching story and decision-making that adventure games do so well. Walls' presence will presumably keep the series as grounded in the real-life police procedures that the original was known for.

The game will include puzzles and mysteries, but things will be livened up by planned action sequences like shootouts, car chases, and foot pursuits. If Precinct can capture the essence of the classic police procedural and bring that to a new generation of gamers, it will definitely be a game to watch out for.

Check out the Kickstarter page for more concept art and a ton of history on Sierra and the original Police Quest game. If the game is funded, it will be heading toward at June 2014 release.