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The invasion begins in Eve Incursion trailer

Eve Online

Eve Online's latest expansion, Incursion, will unleash the Sansha race upon the universe. Many sectors will suffer attacks from huge fleets of the invading aliens, and it'll be up to Eve Online's players to fight back against the invading menace. The Sansha are the subject of an epic new trailer, full of scenes of incredi-space pew-pew that Eve does so well. That trailer is embedded below.

Eve Online's Incursion expansion was recently split into three parts, to be released incrementally over the next few months. The first update is set to go live on November 30th, and is will bring some much requested lag fixes to the game, along with new missions. For more information on the update, check out the Eve Incursion blog . The full invasion is set to start in January next year, and it'll look something like this:

[via RPS ]

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