The Guardian finally speaks in the Destiny 2: Forsaken launch trailer

Destiny 2: Forsaken is now just one week away, and today Bungie began the countdown with the rollout of the D2:F launch trailer. It begins with a recap of the events leading into the expansion—the "Last Stand of the Gunslinger"—before moving on to a closer look at the man responsible, and a hard conversation about what's to be done. 

The quick version is that Cayde-6 is dead (unless he's not), Zavala is stoic, Ikora is bombastic, and since the guy who normally makes things happen is lying on a slab, it falls to you to set things right—beginning with an ominous, wronged-hero growl of, "He's mine." And yes, the Guardian speaks! First time for that in Destiny 2, although it did happen once in awhile in Destiny—and while the voice in the trailer is male, it's fair to assume that female voiceovers will be offered, since that was an option in D1.

Also notable is Uldren Sov's fiddling with a shard of the Traveller, suggesting that he's going to (or at least trying to) get Guardian powers. Why? Nigh-immortality is pretty cool in its own right, but I'd hope that he wouldn't risk bringing the wrath of the Guardians down on his head for something so mundane. Surely there must be a greater cause at play, a higher purpose—perhaps even something morally ambiguous? Or maybe he just really didn't like Cayde. Let's be honest, that guy could get on your nerves sometimes. 

The full and proper Forsaken patch notes will be arriving later along with the weapon slot update, and I have it on good authority that our resident Destiny 2 all-star Tim will have some thoughts to share on all the excitement as well. 

Andy Chalk

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