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The funniest Battlefield 1 moments so far

From the first time someone stood on the wing of a plane 14 years ago to now, the Battlefield series has been the source of some of the dumbest (and best) gaming videos on the web. Bugs, glitches, hijinks, antics, buffoonery, shenanigans—it's got it all. Battlefield 1 only just released, but from the alpha to the beta to now it's already contributed great things to the tradition. Here are our favorite Battlefield 1 videos and gifs so far (and if we missed a stupid human trick you like, let us know in the comments).

World War 1 seen through Battlefield

By: CrowbCat

We start with another important gaming tradition: the glitch compilation video. Bodies stuck in the ground, disappearing horses, tanks seemingly hooked by fishing lines from the moon—it's all here.

Have patience

By: Jobi

Sometimes the best play is to do nothing, and then throw one grenade.

Putting on a clinic

By: It's A Mirage

No one noticed he had his fingers crossed behind his back when he took the Hippocratic Oath.


By: Wactical Tank

Blimpnado vs Sharknado coming to the SyFy channel any day now.

Mr. Plow

By: Team Cassin

Call Mr. Plow, that's my name, that name again is Mr. Plow.

Killing Superman 

By: Gunz_B_Draughn

Bullet drop is extra challenging when you're also dealing with person drop.

Fire spotter


It's just like spotting a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 owner.

Just plain rude

 By: deadkandy

Even though Battlefield 1 has the series' best aircraft in a while, there are a lot more piggyback rides going on than there used to be.

Do a barrel roll!

By: Alex Blackbeard

Someone pressed Z or R twice.

Flying tank


Our contemporaries over at IGN met a strong-willed light tank that takes its name seriously.

Yakety sax 

By: jp2020388

This is the Battlefield equivalent of tapping someone on their right shoulder and then ducking to their left.

More roadkill

By: stickles1

The classic war maneuver of bunching up in a tight alley can sometimes backfire. 

This is Battlefield

By: Four Sounds

This one isn’t funny, it’s just someone who’s frustratingly good at playing Battlefield. Please never play against us.

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