The Free Webgame Round-up

While we wait for Far Cry 3 to stop throwing hissy fits , let's cheer ourselves up with the similarly dubsteppian tones of Jason Oda's Skrillex Quest , which is an astonishing thing to behold. Elsewhere it's memes, climbing, gorgons and land ahoy - check them out WUBWUB after the break. Wub.

Shameless Clone 2 by nldr and Squall_SS

Play it online here.

It's meme overload in this vertical shooter, which crams in everything from Nyan Cat to Chuck Norris (actually, those are the two main ones), while remembering to include a serviceable shmup. Because I'm a shallow sot, I'm including this mainly because of the great spritework and music, but there are plenty of stages to sink your teeth into if you enjoy blasting rainbow space cats. (Who doesn't?)

Skrillex Quest by Jason Oda

Play it online here.

This bizarre overhead 3D adventure may have been conceived as a sort of advert for the Earl of Dubstep, Skrillex, but I urge you to play it even if you hate his music, or (like me) if you only know him for his irritatingly irregular haircut. It's a deliberately visually glitchy, hugely imaginative experience that plays out like a broken Zelda dungeon, or the fitful nightmare of a sleeping NES. An amazingly weird trip down an 8-bit rabbit-hole.

A Man's Quest by Drunk Devs

Play it online here.

A lovely, lovely platformer with a neat central mechanic: the ability to cling to certain walls with special 'grip gloves'. Brilliantly named developer The Drunk Devs (slogan: "cold beer, good friends, and fun game design") recommends running the browser version in Firefox, but it ran a bit stuttery for me, possibly because of my ridiculous number of open tabs. Thankfully, there's a download version too. (Game spotted by IndieGames .)

Oh My Gorgons! by Alan Hazelden and Sarah Marshall

Play it online here.

As with Droqen's Aspyhx , Oh My Gorgons! is game that you have to play along with, in order to get the most out of it. Whenever your character enters the line-of-sight of a gorgon, you have to close your eyes and navigate by memory alone. It's not perfect - it can be hard to tell when you're about to enter their field of vision - but it's a great idea, pretty well executed. it's a also a short one, coming to a close after only a few stages. Alan Hazelden and Sarah Marshall: build on this! (Discovered by Free Indie Games .)

The Carp and The Seagull by Evan Boehm

Play it online here.

IndieGames bring word of this beautiful interactive film/diorama type thing, which takes place across two linked worlds. I love the way that you move from one t'other by simply rotating the scene. Your part in all this is clicking on stuff, repeatedly, until something happens - often it's not clear what that something is exactly, but it's an engaging experience nonetheless. Sadly, it's an experience that doesn't support Firefox, so you're going to need Chrome to catch this one.

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