The first Destiny 2 'Last Call' teaser video features Nathan Fillion telling tall tales

Yesterday, Destiny 2 was finally confirmed. And in two days, Bungie will unveil the official "Worldwide Reveal Trailer." In between, we get... The Teaser. "Last Call" features Nathan Fillion as Hunter Vanguard mentor Cayde-6, reminiscing about the good old days, and an "ugly contest where everyone was a winner." 

It's all flavor, of course, but it's a good flavor—one that drops Fillion in the sweet spot between stone-cold killer Mal Reynolds and warm-hearted dork Rick Castle. It's a role he fills very effectively, and one we'll no doubt be seeing (or hearing) a lot more: Cayde-6 took on a more prominent role in Destiny with the launch of the Taken King expansion, and the word on the street (via Gamerant) is that the Destiny 2 preorder bonus will be a Cayde-6 figurine. 

The tone of the trailer also represents quite a change from the grim, somber mood of the original Destiny, although how deeply that will run through the actual game is impossible to say. 

I'm beholden to mention that Destiny 2 hasn't been confirmed for the PC yet (the original was a console exclusive, remember), but it's not not been confirmed, either, and it looks like a very good bet. So for now, we're sticking with it, and hopefully we'll find out for sure on the 30th. 

Andy Chalk

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