The Thieves Guild is coming to The Elder Scrolls Online

TESO Thieves Guild

I was surprised to learn, as I did today, that the Thieves Guild wasn't part of The Elder Scrolls Online MMO right from the start. It's a very central part of the single-player Elder Scrolls experience, after all, and one of the more interesting sub-factions to get involved with because of the way it's not entangled in any sort of moral code or agenda. It's just business, man. Anyway, Zenimax Online Studios announced today that Thieves Guild DLC is coming. Hey, better late than never, right?

The Thieves Guild of Abah's Landing is being pursued by the Iron Wheel, a mercenary unit that's been sent after it in the wake of a high-stakes heist that went bad. You, as the guild's newest recruit, have to set things right—because naturally, that's the sort of job that should be entrusted to the new guy, right?

The TESO Thieves Guild will be a two-part deal: The actual DLC pack, with a new zone called Hew's Bane, new quests and story content, a new 12-player challenge, and various other sorts of good stuff; and a patch for the base game, which will include a 64-bit client, improvements to grouping, a multitude of combat and balance changes, scrolling combat text, and quite a bit more.

Information on pricing wasn't revealed, although my admittedly very imprecise guess is that the base game patch will be free and the DLC pack will not, nor is there a release date beyond “coming soon.” Zenimax said that it will reveal more information about the Thieves Guild DLC over the next few weeks, starting next week.

Andy Chalk

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