The Elder Scrolls Online Q&A talks Aldmeri Dominion player faction, elf and cat lore

The Elder Scrolls Online Valenwood

Bethesda has busied itself with dispensing vast dollops of lore upon fans anticipating The Elder Scrolls Online since the debut of the first full-fledged gameplay glimpse . This time, the Aldmeri Dominion player faction took the spotlight in a Q&A posted on the official website , with development team members answering questions regarding Wood Elves, High Elves, and the catlike Khajiit.

As the most common breed of feline humanoids, the Khajiiti Suthay-raht will act as the playable subset for those choosing the way of the whisker. As for the Wood Elves, the reclusive peoples of Valenwood, their impetus for joining the High-Elf-dominated Dominion stemmed from a pressing Imperial incursion in their northern territories.

An interesting highlight is the Wood Elves' cultural significance of cannibalism. Bethesda didn't elaborate on any gameplay mechanics harnessing the Wood Elves' eccentric appetites but did acknowledge the "ritual importance" of elves munching on each other's faces like a perfectly normal thing.

"Both High Elves and Wood Elves have an abundance of rich and tremendously detailed background lore," Bethesda wrote. "These ancient races have had a very long time to establish their own unique cultures. We've made sure that this kind of lore about the Elves will be included in the game—in plenty—in all the classic ways cultural lore is delivered in the Elder Scrolls games: quest dialogue, conversations with NPCs, lore books of all kinds, music, item crafting, and so forth."

Omri Petitte

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