The Elder Scrolls: Legends - Heroes of Skyrim will add 150 new cards to the game

The Heroes of Skyrim expansion for Bethesda's CCG The Elder Scrolls: Legends was announced at the studio's pre-E3 show with a stirring teaser, but no actual information beyond the fact that it exists. Luckily, for the deck-dealing Dragonborn out there, a new blog post on goes a little deeper into what it's all about. 

"Heroes of Skyrim reintroduces some of our favorite characters from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, including allies like Aela the Huntress, J’Zargo and Delphine, as well as some Dragons of legend like Alduin and Paarthurnax," the post explains. "The Dragons in Heroes of Skyrim appear across all attributes, and many will reward players for playing them with other Dragons." 

Fittingly, the expansion will also introduce Shouts and Companions to the game. Instead of leveling up with words of power as they do in the RPG, Shouts in Legends will grow more powerful with use: The first play of a Shout invokes its first-level power, second play its second level, and third play its third and final level. 

Companions, meanwhile, are "a spin on the Change ability introduced in The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood" expansion, as breaking a rune will transform them into their Beast Form. "Beast Forms are often more powerful, and bringing the beast out can even trigger abilities," Bethesda wrote.   

The Heroes of Skyrim expansion will go live on June 29, and will add more than 150 new cards to the game. Bethesda said that more information about the expansion will be revealed "in the coming weeks."   

Andy Chalk

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