The Dusk April Fools’ gag is actually a real game and it’s listed on Steam now

On April Fools' Day, Dusk developer David Szymanski revealed his new project on Twitter. "Very excited to announced Dusk '82!" he tweeted. "Dusk '82 re-imagines Dusk as an adventure/puzzler in the style of Chip's Challenge and Sokoban. Use classic Dusk items like shotguns, exploding barrels, and even The Soap to dispatch enemies and make your way to the exit!"

The idea of a Sokoban-style take on the intense retro-FPS Dusk was absurd, of course, but Szymanski was committed to the bit, going so far as to make up some fake screens for it:

But it turns out that the screens weren't fake, and neither is the game. Szymanski and publisher New Blood Interactive announced today that Dusk '82 is real, and pretty much exactly as it was initially presented: Players will maneuver through "bite-sized levels" from a top-down perspective, evading and eliminating enemies, collecting keys, and battling through to the exit.

"Enemies and their projectiles only move when you move and levels are filled with a variety of hazards ," the Steam listing says. "Use smart planning to outmaneuver and eliminate cultists with classic weapons like the shotgun, riveter, crossbow, and the all powerful soap. Use movable barrels and other explosives to blast through walls. Zip around on conveyor belts to quickly reposition. Dodge bullets with the inhuman skill and agility only possible through turn-based movement."

Dusk '82 will also include an editor enabling players to create their own levels and map packs, the ability to insert your own music (or podcasts or memes) for listening from within the game, and Steam Workshop support.

"That's what happens when you make games for FUN and not MONEY," New Blood Interactive chief Dave Oshry said. "heuheuheuhe"

That's not to suggest that Dusk '82 will be free, for the record, although pricing hasn't been announced as of yet, nor has a release date. Szymanski hinted that it's not too far away, though, saying in the announcement trailer (the real one) that he'll "see you back here in a few months."

Dusk's actual April Fools' gag, by the way, was part of New Blood's series of updated Steam icons for games including Dusk, Amid Evil, Unfortunate Spacemen, and Ultrakill. You can read all about that, and a bunch of other jokes we found marginally tolerable, in our April Fools' Day 2021 Roundup.

Andy Chalk

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