The Dreadlands devs are taking over the PC Gamer forums this week

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Last month, the lovely Failbetter folk took over the PC Gamer forum to give advice on writing inventive horror and discussing their inspirations behind the Fallen London Universe. 

This month for our Studio Spotlight we have new guests, Blackfox Studios, taking over the forum for a whole week. Blackfox are the creators behind the strategy game Dreadlands that's currently in Early Access and launching into full release March 10. The team is on the forum answering questions and giving insights into their turn-based skirmish game. 

Dreadlands is a turn-based tactics game that's also an MMO, where you control a gang of misfits and mercenaries in the vibrant apocalypse. Create your crew from any of the playable factions to match your playstyle and try to survive in Blackfox's unforgiving campaign.  

Alongside answering questions, the team is also giving away 20 copies of Dreadlands for Steam, so make sure you sign up to the forum and leave a comment to enter. Here's a round-up of what Blackfox Studios are getting up to in the forum this week:

Dreadlands Giveaway
To kick off Drealand's release on March 10, Blackfox Studios are launching a competition that will give 20 members of the PCG forums an Early Access Steam key for Dreadlands. To enter, respond to the thread saying what your own faction would be and what it would be called.

Creator & Game Director AMA
Blackfox Studios CEO and Dreadlands creator Peter Nilsson will be around in the forums this week answering questions about game's writing and design.

Five Developer Insights about Dreadlands
Peter Nilsson reveals five unique insights about creating Dreadlands like designing the in-game moral system, how the player's choice impacts the game and creating the PVP turn-based combat of Dreadlands.

Designing the Gangs of Dreadlands
Peter Nilssons will also be in this thread giving his insights on designing the rogues and misfits that make up the factions in Dreadlands.

(Image credit: Blackfox Studios)

If you've not seen the PCG forum then you should check it out. It's a great place to chat about everything PC related. There are discussions ranging from RPGs, shooters, and strategy games to posts about PC hardware, industry news, and studio guest spots like Blackfox. You'll find all of Blackfox Studio's posts in the Studio Spotlight section this week.

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