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The Division 2's first 8-player raid arrives this week

The Division 2's first ever eight-player raid will arrive on May 16. That's not much time for gearing up, so hopefully you've been diligently preparing for Operation Dark Hours already. Apparently it's going to be a toughy. Check out the trailer above.

If you've already shot your way through DC, reached tier 5 and tackled Tidal Basin, you should be ready to take on Operation Dark Hours, though expect a challenge. The Black Tusks have taken over the airport and are flying in all they need to take over, including high-tech gear that you won't have faced before. 

Fight your way through the airport and take down what Ubisoft promises will be the trickiest boss fights so far and you'll get flashy loot, including new gear sets and a new exotic weapon. 

If you're the first to complete it, your team will get their photo up in the White House, the digital one at least, while all players who finish it between May 16 and 23 will get a commemorative arm patch. Everyone else will get a banner icon and trophy. 

Hopefully it will surpass the Tidal Basin update, which Samuel said made a great looter shooter even better

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