The creators of Burnout are working on a new driving game

In a recent interview, Three Fields Entertainment Creative Director Alex Ward said the studio had effectively given up on Dangerous Golf. Reviews weren't good, it didn't sell well, and “the team simply can't afford to do anything else with it,” he said. Regarding what it would do next, he added, “It’s no secret that we’d like to get going on a driving title.” And guess what happened today? 

There's nothing more than that to go on at the moment, but it's significant because Three Fields was founded in 2014 by Ward and Fiona Sperry, the co-founders of Burnout studio Criterion Games. Racing games are what they do, in other words, and so after the detour into Dangerous Golf, this is easy to see as a real “return to its roots.” This isn't likely to be a new Burnout game, though, as that property is still owned by EA. 

Back to Dangerous Golf for a second: While it's apparently a dead issue at this point, Three Fields did release a pair of updates shortly after launch aimed at addressing the game's most pressing problems. I can't attest to its quality, but while user reviews on Steam are “mixed” overall, recent reviews are “mostly positive,” indicating that it's made at least some movement in the right direction.

Andy Chalk

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