The best Dota 2 mods we want to see added from Steam Workshop


On Friday, we showed you my favorite items, equipment, and tool mods built by players that are currently available in Dota 2's store through Steam Workshop.

Today, we take a look under the hood and browse the unrefined, experimental, and sometimes creepy suggestions waiting for judgement in the Steam Workshop. Let's skip the creepy and go straight through 12 of our favorites.

Glacial Tiny dota 2 mode


Glacial Tiny

I'm starting off strong: this Russian nesting doll of a reskin is my personal favorite in the entire list. Creator gramps has tackled a big project here--Tiny grows in size as you level his Grow ability, meaning that he needs four different models to progress through. Gramps produced an awesome lineup based on a solid concept that lends an icy touch to the granite soon-to-be-giant.

Vote for or against it on its Steam Workshop page