The Australian PC gaming Christmas gift guide

It's almost Christmas, and if you're lucky, you've got several people in your life as enthusiastic about games as you are. Of course, you could always resort to buying them the usual bag of, uh, hardboiled lollies, but perhaps we should all try to get more into the gift-giving spirit this year. 

So without further ado, here are some pretty cool gift ideas we've found – and at the time of print, they should all make it to Australia before December 25. We've tried to avoid overly expensive presents – so don't expect gaming laptops – though as a rule of thumb we've put a limit of $200. 

So let's get gifting!

PC gaming hardware and peripherals

Razer Ornata Expert "Mecha-Membrane" gaming keyboard – $84.99
If you've got a PC gamer on your shopping list why not treat them to this impressive pro-quality mechanical keyboard? Get at Amazon.

HyperX Cloud Alpha Gaming Hedset – $116.29
Have a friend who never has a bloody headset in Siege? Here's a trusty, award-winning headset with a detachable microphone and aluminium frame. Get at Amazon. 

Xbox One Controller Elite – $188
Mouse and keyboard may reign supreme for some genres, but it pays to have a good controller kicking around. This is probably the best. Get at Amazon.


Fallout 76 – $41.99
Considering it released last month, a bit over forty bucks for this MMO take on the Fallout formula is pretty good value. Get at Amazon.

Darksiders 3 – $64.95
A great Souls-like Metroidvania in the Darksiders universe. This is a pretty good price, considering it's only been out a few weeks. Get at Gamesmen.

Books and magazines

PC PowerPlay subscription – $59
Excuse the cheek, but why not buy a loved one a year's subscription to our stablemate PC PowerPlay?  Get at Techmags.

World of Warcraft by Daniel Lisi – $20.32
An instalment in the excellent Boss Fight Books series on video games, this is a breezy history of the biggest MMO that ever MMOed.

Masters of Doom by David Kushner – $19.46
id Software's Doom celebrated its 25th anniversary this month, so now's a better time than ever to read this meaty (and eye-opening) account of id Software's rise to fame and fortune. Get from Amazon.

The Official Minecraft Annual 2019 – $14.00
Know someone (probably younger than yourself) that's obsessed with Minecraft? This is a no-brainer, then. Get from Amazon.

Toys and board games

LEGO Minecraft: The Zombie Cave – $43.99
It's LEGO, it's Minecraft... you probably don't need to be convinced why this will go down well for someone in your life. Or perhaps for yourself? Get from Amazon.

Pop Five Nights at Freddy's Pizza Sim Rockstar Freddy Vinyl – $15.88
For some reason this utterly terrifying survival horror series is much beloved by kids, so...  Get from Amazon.

Catan – $59
It's never too late to get a friend into this immensely popular board game. Just beware that it's never too soon for them to beat you. Get at Might Ape.

Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition – $126
A card-oriented dungeon crawler. As meaty as it is, if you must have more there are several expansions to collect. Get at Mighty Ape.

Pandemic – $54
A cooperative table top game about thwarting civilisation-threatening viruses. We couldn't think of a better token of one's Christmas time love, to be honest. Get at Mighty Ape.


Fallout Vault 111 Vault-Tec Cuff Beanie – $9.95
Hey, it's a beanie referencing the very popular video game series Fallout! And this is currently $20 cheaper than usual, so not a bad deal. Get from Gamesmen. 

Overwatch Winston Spray Loot Crate shirt – $13.85
A pretty cool shirt for your Winston-maining friend. Get at Amazon.

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