Tame beasts, decorate them, and manage their happiness with this Fallout 4 mod

This week on the Mod Roundup, you can tame beasts and creatures in Fallout 4, decorate them with armor or paint, manage their happiness, and teach them tricks. Also, a Stellaris mod adds new spaceports, resources, droids, and technologies. Finally, there's a mod that takes the UI from the latest Dark Souls game and brings it to the original.

Here are the most promising mods we've seen this week. And while we're at it, you should check out our new guide on the best way to mod XCOM 2.

Beast Master, for Fallout 4

Nexus Mods link

This mod not only lets you tame the various creatures of Fallout 4, but turns them into real companions. There's a happiness system, which is increased by feeding them treats and improving their appearance (some can be dressed up, others painted). You can activate a tracking chip so they'll always appear on your map (like you power armor is). You can teach them tricks, make changes to their combat style, have them scavenge for you, and more.

Alpha Mod, for Stellaris

Steam Workshop link

This is an ambitious mod for the interstellar grand strategy that's got a space-laundry list of changes. It adds new resources like ice, water, and natural fuel, over 50 new buildings, farming droids, new spaceports, mega-cities, and new technologies. It's being updated regularly to fix bugs and add additional features.

UI III, for Dark Souls

Nexus Mods link

If you plan on heading back to the original Dark Souls after finishing DS3, here's a little something you can take with you The Dark Souls 3 UI. While it's not an exact match, it does ape the UI of Dark Souls 3 pretty well so you can enjoy something old with something new.

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