Take-Two's comic book arm to close - XCom, Civilization and Bioshock combined universe was almost a thing

Photo credit: Bleeding Cool

Photo credit: Bleeding Cool

In 2013, Grand Theft Auto and Borderlands publisher Take-Two branched out from videogames to launch a line of graphic novels. Founded by ex-Marvel chap Bill Jemas, Double Take centred itself around George Romero's zombie classic The Night Of The Living Dead—however the outfit is set to shutter at the end of this month. 

While the zombie hit has been the publisher's focus for the last few years, it seems videogames were at the heart of the company's original vision. As reported by Bleeding Cool's Rich Johnston, a shared universe that explored ties between the XCom, Civilization and BioShock worlds was considered—all three games of which are nowadays published by the Take-Two-owned 2K. 

In continuity terms, I'm not sure how this timeline would work, given the fact BioShock takes place in the '60s, Xcom between the late '90s to mid-ish '00s, and Civilization anywhere from Ancient Egypt to the present day and beyond. With Double Take set to close, I suppose this is moot in any event. 

Interestingly, Bleeding Cool suggests clashes between Jemas and BioShock creator Ken Levine is what drove Double Take towards The Night of the Living Dead instead.