System Shock Infinite 2.0 mod updates with new difficulty options

System Shock Infinite

A quick search through the archives reveals that we're yet to write about System Shock Infinite 2.0. Let's do something about that, before we get the hose again. It's a System Shock 2 mod billed as an unofficial sequel to Irrational's late-'90s classic. It recently relaunched with the 2.0 moniker, and is currently in beta ahead of the full release.

A "Beta 8" update has just been released, and it brings rebalanced difficulty through an optional "2015 Mode". The name is a clear parallel of Bioshock Infinite's 1999 Mode. Where that increased the difificulty, this, in the mod-maker's own words, "[tones] down challenges and quirks of the combat system."

System Shock Infinite 2.0 offers multiple storylines that the player can choose by summoning them through a "tear in protoreality". It's a neat concept, playing off both System Shock and Bioshock Infinite, and provides a neat way to extend your time on the Von Braun.

As the mod team explains:

"System Shock Infinite 2.0 is currently in beta phase and includes 10 new levels set in Cyberspace, with 4 storylines to unlock, new characters and cinematics. ... Keep an eye out for the final version, coming soon!"

For more info, and to download System Shock Infinite 2.0, head to its ModDB page.

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