System Shock 2 might be getting a re-release on GOG and Steam

It seems classic horror shooter and BioShock precursor System Shock 2 may finally be available for purchase again soon. An article on FleshEatingZipper reveals the news and points to the site for Night Dive Studios . The only problem is that the studio's page conspicuously lacks contact details or a firm announcement, so we can't verify the claim just yet. We certainly hope it's really happening.

FleshEatingZipper reports that unnamed sources told it a "new development/publishing studio will be handling the release," and later updated the article to specify Night Dive as that studio. Night Dive's own site describes it as specializing in "finding classic, abandoned, and forgotten PC games and bringing them back into the hands of gamers," but that's about all the information it offers.

We were able to dig up a Facebook page , as well as the LinkedIn profile of Stephen Kick , a former Sony Online Entertainment character artist who is listed as CEO of the new studio. We've contacted Kick for more details, and will update this article should they be presented.