Stylish The Wolf Among Us screenshots feature punching and a chain-smoking pig

The Wolf Among Us is Telltale's episodic adaptation of the Fables comic book, starring none other than The Big Bad Wolf (here known as the slightly less conspicuous Bigby Wolf), a chain-smoking detective keeping the peace in New York's secret fairytale community. We already knew that it was a prequel to the comic, launching this summer, but now we have a few more tasty morsels of information, accompanied by a handful of rather striking screenshots.

In an interview with Game Informer , Telltale president Kevin Bruner revealed that The Wolf Among Us will once again have a focus on building relationships (notably with Snow White), in addition to the difficult moral choices the company has become known for. This time, you have to choose which locations you're going to visit and at which times - there's a strict timeline running through the game, with events happening whether you're there to witness them or not.

“To experience [the story] from a lot of different perspectives [and] to see what's happening everywhere, all the time," Bruner explained, "you're going to have to play the game multiple times, which is something we didn't do in The Walking Dead.”

Telltale also showed off the first screenshots of the game, which you can see in all their handsomeness below.

Tom Sykes

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