Stick the kettle on: Caffeine's first episode out in October


Caffeine is a first-person, Unreal Engine 4-powered horror adventure game about a boy wandering around a seemingly abandoned space station. It's set in a world where coffee is mined from space, or something, and I remain sceptical of how that silliness will affect the game's fear-based elements. Developer Dylan Browne describes Caffeine as a "quirky psychological horror adventure game with an atmosphere heavily inspired by games like Condemned, FEAR and Outlast". He doesn't explain which brand of coffee he's been inspired by.

I banged on about a trailer back in May, and I'm banging on about Caffeine again because I've just learned that the first (of three) episodes is due in October. (Thanks, PCGamesN.) Exactly when in October remains unclear, but here's a new bit of footage to help make up for that.

That is one good-looking horror game. Caffeine has a demo, recently updated with support for Oculus Rift.

Tom Sykes

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