Stellaris, Pillars of Eternity, and Hearts of Iron feature in the Humble Paradox Bundle

The new Humble Bundle is a handsome collection of games from Paradox Interactive, beginning with a $1 entry-level bundle that will net you the city building sim Cities in Motion 2, the co-op arcane adventure Magicka 2, and the fantasy RTS Majesty 2.   

Up your payment a few bucks more—to around $6 currently—and you'll wave goodbye to a great deal more of your gameplay hours with Crusader Kings 2 and the Old Gods DLC, the old-school RPG Pillars of Eternity, the Hearts of Iron 3 Collection, and Europa Universalis 3 Complete, a game that spans 300 years and gives players more than 250 "historically accurate countries" to rule. 

The top of the heap, for $12, adds just a single game to the mix, but it's a good one and relatively new as Paradox releases go: The interstellar grand strategy game Stellaris. We expressed hope in our mostly-positive review that patches and expansions would "fill the gaps and smooth out the omissions and weird quirks of diplomacy," and while I can't say for certain whether that's happened, the developers certainly look like they've been up to something: Paradox posted the 101st developer diary update, discussing the upcoming Apocalypse expansion and 2.0 "Cherryh" update, just last week. 

Funds raised by the Humble Paradox Interactive Bundle will support Doctors Without Borders by default, although you can opt for a different charity if you wish. It will be available until February 6. 

Andy Chalk

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