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Stellaris' Leviathans story pack release date and price set

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As promised back in August, Stellaris' Heinlein 1.3 patch arrives later this month with Paradox today revealing October 20 as launch day. It'll land at the same time as the 4X-meets-grand strategy game's first story pack, Leviathans—which is priced at $9.99 or the "local equivalent". 

"In Stellaris: Leviathans, the galaxy will be filled anew with adventure and challenge as your new and naïve space-faring empire comes face-to-face and ship-to-ship with a host of dangers and rewards," reads the reveal post on developer Paradox's site. In essence, that means new events, new encounters and new options. 

Guardians, for example, are "stationary societies" that specialise in defence-building; while Enclaves are individual outposts of traders and/or mercenaries who players can strike deals with. "Where will your fledgling empire lie if two ancient Fallen Empires decide to renew old grievances in a War in Heaven?" the reveal post adds. "Will you err on the side of caution and take a side with the stronger power, or will you strike at both whilst they are occupied with their own titanic struggle?"

As for what the game's Heinlein 1.3 patch offers, highlights include:

  • A convenient Auto-Explore feature.
  • Rally points for your freshly-assembled Navy.
  • The Expansion Planner Interface.
  • An overhaul of Strategic Resources.
  • Clearer specialisation/role for ship types.
  • More options for customising new galaxies.
  • New smarter Sector Governors.