Steel Division 2 shows off its 1:1 dynamic campaign

Steel Division 2, now due out in June, is a game of explosive spectacle, full of roaring tanks churning up dirt and hammering enemies in real-time tactical scraps. That's just one side of the war, however, and it's accompanied by larger, turn-based campaigns where you manage a 1:1 scale conflict, setting your battalions up for the real-time battles. Check out the video above to see it in action.

The video showcases the Baranovichi campaign, but it's one of several set during Operation Bagration. The campaigns will give you command over tens of thousands of soldiers and vehicles spread out over hundreds of kilometres. Battalions can be ordered to dig in, smash through enemy lines and ambush enemies from forests, with battles either being auto-resolved or tackled in the RTS phase. 

Actions you take on the campaign map have an impact on the real-time fights. If you spend points to dig in, for instance, you'll have access to fortifications in the battle itself. Trenches, barbed wire, gun pits and other defences can be plonked down, assisting your troops when the enemy comes charging in. Since this is very much a game of colliding tanks, infantry are incredibly vulnerable, so anything that gives them a bit of extra protection or firepower is extremely welcome. 

Similarly, units you lose in either the real-time or turn-based phases are gone for good. Good thing you'll have thousands, but so does the enemy, and in the real-time mode, your resources are more fleeting. Take a look at my preview of Breakthrough mode for more about the RTS battles. 

Steel Division 2 has been delayed a couple of times but is now due out on June 20, with another closed beta starting on May 29 and continuing until launch. 

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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