Starcraft 2 community solves ARG, gets rewards for everyone

Starcraft Nova Missions

Starcraft’s community has come together to solve a series of puzzles in an ARG promoting the upcoming Nova Missions pack — and unlocked some bonuses for its hard work.

There’s a huge, complex, hard-to-read explanation of every step of the ARG over on Team Liquid, and after all the hard work the community has been rewarded with a portrait and decal:

Congrats to the community on solving the mystery behind Nova's actions! You've earned a reward available March 29!

Starcraft decal

It’s some committed work to solve all of those puzzles – and it’s all been done in just two days, which is pretty darn impressive.

The Nova Missions — releasing from March 30 and available just with the free Starcraft 2 starter pack, if you haven’t bought the full thing (which you should) — are a series of nine new missions across three episodes in short, self-contained form.

They can be pre-ordered right here for $14.99 (£10.60).