Star Wars: The Old Republic CGI trailer introduces army of killer HK-51 droids

Uh oh, someone in the Star Wars universe has locked up a deadly weapon lost the key and then forgotten about it again. This time it's an entire factory of HK-51 assassin droids, the deadliest robots in the galaxy. Jedi, sith, evil emperors, tyrants, whoever you are, if you build a factory full of killer machines, write down where you left it and be sure to let someone know it's there so they can keep an eye on it. If you don't, you get ominous scenes like the ones rendered in this CGI trailer for Star Wars: The Old Republic. Watch and comment, meatbags.

The Star Wars: The Old Republic site is down at the moment, so here's the trailer as it appears on Darth Hater .

Tom Senior

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